Renault ZOE

Offering zero emissions, exquisite styling, and cutting-edge technology throughout, the new Renault ZOE is part of the next-generation of superminis transforming the automotive industry. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this environmentally friendly model can be discovered in more detail at Tones Cars Renault today.

The latest iteration of the Renault ZOE has been crafted to feature a swooping roofline and aerodynamically sculpted bodylines that work to improve performance. With the blue hue of the Renault badge also doubling up as the charging point, the almost futuristic appearance of the ZOE is as impressive as the drive on offer. Inside, you can enjoy peaceful driving everywhere you travel. Part leather upholstery can be added on higher trim levels, adding to the sense of luxurious comfort afforded by the vehicle. 

It’s under the bonnet where the new ZOE really shines. The lithium-ion battery delivers a remarkable 220Nm for the best in responsive performance, while two driving modes - Standard and ECO - enable you to cover up to 130 miles on a single charge. Charging itself is easy, with home charge options and fast-charge points providing up to 80 percent capacity in just half an hour.

For those seeking a model that also offers plenty of in-car entertainment and connectivity, the Renault ZOE won’t disappoint. With Bluetooth connectivity and voice-operated satellite navigation controlled via the colour touchscreen, you can ensure your smartphone is easily - and safely - accessible at all times. 

Book a test drive of the impressive new Renault ZOE today at Tones Cars Renault in Hartlepool.